DiFlatfile - Communicate with Trading Partners Efficiently

Expand B2B Capabilities-Lower Total Cost of Performing eBusiness

DiFlatfile-a key component of DiCentral's SaaS B2B data integration solution-enables you to connect and communicate with more of your important trading partners without the typical ongoing maintenance of hardware or software. DiCentral's flexible SaaS internet infrastructure allows businesses to exchange and integrate data with multiple partners in EDI, XML or proprietary file format.

DiFlatfile provides a mix of unbeatable advantages when compared to both in-house and other web-based (SaaS) EDI solutions. Global visibility, accuracy, speed, and control form a powerful outsourced integration solution when combined with services from DiCentral.

DiCentral's depth of experience in document formats and industry standard communications helps you avoid the pitfalls of project management. We offer our ERP integration best practices to help you effectively improve data quality and reduce the risk of project delays.

In addition, DiCentral's unique technology platform and provisioning system helps our teams provide a higher level of customer service, while our seamless SaaS platform eliminates the service shortfalls that can occur in systems built from packaged software components.

Flexibility is a hallmark of DiCentral: the solution can serve both large, multi-location enterprises and SME clients, while DiCentral's customer support program is built around serving specific needs of each customer with both standard and customized Service Level Agreements.

DiCentral's experience in ERP integration projects allows us to officially partner with ERP and WMS software providers, consultants, and service companies to leverage the power of each offering. DiCentral has earned the position of trusted advisor with many ERP platforms based on our deep knowledge of business process within the supply chain.

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  • Immediate access to experienced integration team
  • Simplify automation of electronic transactions (EDI/XML) for increased productivity
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improved level of accuracy and visibility for improved service levels
  • Reach broader trading partner ecosystem
  • Leverage your investment in your ERP system
  • Accomplish more, on time, with less resources


  • Time: Minimize the time spent mapping data structures from the format of external partners to internal applications such as SAP, Oracle, and more.
  • Global Reach: Let DiCentral build your B2B trading community of suppliers, customers, logistics providers, financial companies, and others for you.
  • Leverage Technology Investment: DiCentral's technology integrates directly with your ERP, providing more value from your investment.
  • ERP Integration Expertise: DiCentral's experienced team of consultants design projects based on best practices.
  • Focus: Reallocate the resources spent on time-consuming technical mapping to each trading partners' precise guidelines. DiCentral lets you focus directly on growing your business.
  • Customer Support: Provides up to 24x7 customer support and monitoring offered in multiple time zones around the world.
  • Savings: DiCentral's proven flat file solution offers you savings in software, upgrades, maintenance, hardware, and more.
  • Visibility: Advanced technology offers global visibility of your business data with usage levels, transaction acknowledgements, email alerts, and reporting.
  • Flexibility: DiCentral uniquely satisfies each trading partner's rules while meeting your internal requirements.
  • Precision: Keep erroneous data from entering your ERP system with DiCentral technology.
  • Eliminate Infrastructure: Hardware, software, databases, and networks formerly dedicated to B2B integration are all managed by DiCentral.
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