Flowmaster Accelerates Operations Using DiCentral DiTranslator


Flowmaster reduces order processing time with DiCentral DiTranslator

The Challenge:

If the sports car in the next lane sounds a little louder than your sedan, chances are it has a Flowmaster exhaust system. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Flowmaster has been producing high performance exhaust systems for street and racing cars since 1983. With over 400 different muffler models and exhaust systems, the company gives its customers a wide range of sound options-from "wild to mild."

While the company does accept individual orders from its website, the bulk of its orders come through a well-developed distribution channel, including a mixture of warehouse distributors and Internet retailers. "Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone are major players in our industry. And for them, our old system of processing orders through fax and phone just wasn't acceptable and we needed to move to EDI. To deal with these companies and take our company to the next level, we had to implement EDI."

The Solution:

Flowmaster was in the midst of implementing an ERP package when the need to deploy EDI arose. Their ERP consultant recommended DiTranslator from DiCentral. "From previous experience, I was familiar with some of the big players in EDI," said Glazier. "However, I knew they would be a lot more expensive than DiTranslator. And, we talked with other companies that were having success with DiTranslator, so it was clearly the best solution all around."

Realizing that many small to mid-sized companies fail to realize the benefits of EDI because of high cost and technological complexity, DiCentral develops affordable, plug-and-play EDI solutions. The company specializes in "Zero Effort" EDI to minimize installation, integration, and management cost and effort. With DiTranslator's wizard-based installation, the software installation was seamless. DiCentral prides itself on the support it provides to customers and Glazier appreciates the unique level of vendor support. "Altogether my experience with DiCentral has been excellent," he said. "They are an exceptionally customer-oriented company and have made my life a lot easier. I get my questions answered - without having to navigate through a bureaucratic help desk." With assistance from DiCentral, Glazier configured the EDI mapping for Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone, as well as integrated DiTranslator with their ERP application, Industrial Financial Systems (IFS). When an order comes into DiTranslator, the software automatically transfers the data to the IFS system. And when Flowmaster creates an invoice from IFS, the invoice is exported to DiTranslator, where it is sent to the customer.

Business Benefits

Implementing DiTranslator helped Flowmaster secure contracts with Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone, and it has also yielded other benefits for the company. They have three trading partners live with EDI so far and are working to bring other customers on board as well.

By eliminating the need to manually key orders, DiTranslator significantly decreases the workload involved in processing purchase orders and invoices. "When an order comes in now, someone just needs to review the information and it's done. There's no more need to hand key every line," said Glazier. "And instead of mailing invoices, DiTranslator automatically sends an invoice transaction. With DiTranslator, everything just moves a lot more quickly and smoothly without all the hand work."

The process automation also helps Flowmaster reduce errors. "When it comes to hand keying orders, there's a potential for error throughout the whole process," said Glazier. DiTranslator ensures customer data is correct and complete, minimizing the potential for shipping errors - and costly chargebacks or re-ships.


Flowmaster selected DiTranslator as a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy EDI solution to track and share order, shipping and invoice information with their large trading partners.

  • Comply with trading partner mandates
  • Reduce manual entry of purchase orders
  • Improve order and invoice accuracy
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